Christians desire to financially support missionaries but many times find it difficult to discover the needs of those who are in need. Unfortunately, the only way to give to a special need, sometimes is by physically giving in the church. At Calvary, we desire to support all our missionaries, but also to empower our church members to financially support the Great Commission by giving them an opportunity to connect their desire to give with the real needs on the mission field. 

Through this portal, you can be assured that 100% of the money given is sent directly to our missionaries. And, if you designate a desire to support a specific missionary, we will ensure they get 100% of your offering. 

Missions Priorities

  • Support local pastors who are from the area

  • Support with meaningful contributions

  • Partnerships should involve all the ministries of the church and would include missions trips, special giving services, etc.

  • There should be a clear online way for people to give of their money and understand the needs on the field

  • Every member should know the names of every missionary.