The following are operating principles by which Calvary Baptist Church seeks to function. These principles are not idealized "nice-to-haves", but are to be evident and preeminent in all we do. They explain why we do what we do. They  help in determining priorities of ministry and they are to be referred to when there is doubt. These principles are what we believe is God’s heart for our church. They are Bible distinctives that set our direction and priority and will guide us to be likeminded with Christ, with our pastor, and with each other.

1. God's Word & the Gospel is Preeminent
We believe that Jesus Christ provides direction to His church and its ministers through God’s Word.  We will operate as a church under the authority of its teachings and will be faithful in our exposition: adding nothing to, nor subtracting from its pages.

2. Exemplify Grace & Humility

None of us have arrived. In working with one another, we should demonstrate grace and humility. Always assume the best of intentions on the other person's part and evaluate your own actions through the lens of others. 

3. Grow in Christ (1 Cor 12:26)
A healthy church consists of growing members. Growing members will daily be in God’s Word knitting their hearts with Christ so they can minister effectively to their family, friends, coworkers, and fellow church members. 

4. Connect to your Calling (Rom 12:4-8; 1 Cor 12:14-27)
Every member is a minister.  We believe every church member is gifted with a talent that enables the local church to fulfill its purpose and expand its outreach. Many times these gifts are presented as passionate desire to fulfill an opportunity in church.

5. Compassionately Love People
Love the lost where they are, and compassionately reach out. It is a time where victories are celebrated, and the defeated encouraged and strengthened.

6. Apply Scripture to Real Life
God’s Word is profitable and applicable to our life.  Privately, we must mediate and memorize so that the Holy Spirit can prompt us during life’s way.  As a church, we seek to give the meaning of scriptures historically and contextually by rightly dividing the truth with a humble spirit.

We believe that training should be Bible-based, and led by a faithful and mature believers who has a passion to communicate God’s working in their lives and can inspire others to walk humbly with God. 

A foundation must be laid by mature believers then communicated to the next generation of those who are seeking after wise counsel. We believe mature believers are the best conduit for ministering from life experiences coupled with God’s Word.

7. Enjoy the Work of the Ministry
We serve and lead with happiness and humility. Servant leadership is the hallmark of a leader who submits to God’s authority. Happiness is a byproduct of a life attuned to God's purpose and leading. A sacrificial servant will enjoy the work of the ministry and will draw joy through the fact they are helping others.

8. Be Faithful in Small Things
Faithfulness is required regardless of the size of the task.  Passionate service is daily demonstrated by noticing and fixing small things.  

9. Do the Impossible
God expects and enables for the impossible.  Without saving faith it is impossible to please God.  As church members, we are called to have daily faith that Christ will inspire us to do the inconvenient and empower us to do the impossible.  God has enabled us through his spirit to accomplish the task at hand no matter the difficulty.

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