About IMpact

Our class name is “Impact”. The definition of “Impact” is to: Have a strong effect on someone or something. Our overall focus this year is to make an impact, on the world around us, for Christ. We can do this through: our commitment to grow as Christians, to invest in younger generations, and engage the unsaved world with the gospel. 

Our class meets every Sunday Morning at 10:00 a.m. where will will be focusing on letting God shape us into a more Christ-like example. On Wednesday Night, at 6:30 p.m, we will be focusing on being pure and God-Centered in a very impure and imperfect society . 

Come out and join us for a great time of fun and growth!


about your FACILITATORS 

RJ & Jessalyn were married in 2016. Both RJ and Jessalyn were saved at a very young age, and grew up serving in various ministries around the United States. They met at West Coast Baptist College while they were pursuing their degree in ministry.

RJ serves on staff as the Administrative Pastor, and currently directs Youth MinistriesChildren’s Ministries, and the Sunday School Program.

Jessalyn is the elementary school teacher at Calvary Baptist Academy, and also serves in the music program.