Pastor David Beatty Sr. Sunday morning, June 24, 2012

One of the most difficult decisions I have ever made I made last week.  

I love our church and I love our people I look forward to the services and the fellowship as part of the membership of Calvary Baptist Church.  But there comes a time when the Lord makes it clear to you where you have to make some different arrangements and prepare for the future.  The most important thing in my life outside of my wife and family is the Lord's church here at CBC.  After much prayer and much consultation with my family--as of today I am resigning as your pastor.  

Three generations of David Beatty's (taken May 28,2012)

Three generations of David Beatty's (taken May 28,2012)

I do that because i believe it is best for our church.  As you know I have terminal cancer--renal cell carcinoma in both lungs and in the adrenal gland.  The last CAT scan showed some improvement but it will continue growing in size eventually faster than the medicine can keep up with it.  I have spent many of the last few weeks preaching with blisters in my mouth weight gain and loss, headaches, body aches, and general lack of energy most of the time.  All things that go along with the treatment.  Seven months ago I was given 1-2 years.  Even if I continue on for another year and a half that does not necessarily mean I will be able to continue on in a way that is beneficial to the church.  

I have to pray that the Lord will give me the strength to continue on just to preach or teach.  This condition is not going to get better but only deteriorate.  I am probably at the peak of my health right now.  I don't want to continue hanging on to the pastorate and force a quick decision from a pulpit search committee to find the right man that God wants here.  

I plan on staying here and doing what I have done all along until we get a new pastor.  This church will continue on because it is His church.  He died for this church and He cares about this church.  I believe with the group of dedicated people we have here in this church the pastor will have a good foundation to continue on and this church will flourish.  The PAC men will be meeting tonight to outline our next steps and present them to the church at a proposed business meeting for July 1 although we may have to change that.  I will still be here and I am looking forward to the future here and what God can do with the people here.