Calvary Baptist Church is able to offer exciting DVD Bible courses through Faith Bible Institute.  Classes are geared for individuals who are interested in learning more about the Bible and interested in systematically going through each of its topics.  These courses are made available to the community for a small semester fee.  If you're interested, click the link below and fill out the registration form online.

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Ensure School Location is Texas and School Name is New Braunfels TX (Calvary Baptist Church)!

Course Requirements

Courses are undergraduate college level classes.  Many with advanced degrees enroll as well.  Current High School (9th-12th) students may enroll no more than three years before their projected graduation date and must also be 14 by Dec 1st of the current school year (i.e. by Dec 1, 2012 of Fall 2012/Spring 2013 school year).


New Student (Early by July 1 or Nov 15) – $126 semester
New Student (Late) – $150 semester

Returning Student (Early by July 1 or Nov 15) – $86 semester
Returning Student (Late) – $110 semester

* Basic textbooks are the Bible, six volumes of student notebooks, and Willmington’s Guide to the Bible provided at no additional cost.

What is Faith Bible Institute?

Faith Bible Institute is a through the Bible course for every Christian.  Students study chronologically through every Bible book and doctrine in classes that meet one one evening each week.  Over 33,000 Christians in hundreds of churches across the US & on six continents have enrolled in FBI’s three year Bible study.  FBI combines verse-by-verse Bible teaching, student workbooks, and group classes to produce a life changing learning experience.

Semester One Spring 2016

Bible 101 - The Beginning & The Hebrew Fathers (Gen & Job)
Bible 201 - The Life of Christ I (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John)
Theology 201 - Doctrines of God & the Bible

Semester Two Fall 2016
Bible 102 - The Exodus & the Promised Land (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy and Joshua)                                    Bible 202 - The Life of Christ II (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John)
Bible 222- The Book of Acts

Diplomas Offered

Bible College Diploma - for completion of the Basic Curriculum and Elective courses
Certificate of Completion – for auditing students who meet basic attendance and homework requirements
Letter of Recognition – for auditing students who meet basic attendance requirements

Video Promotional for Faith Bible Institute
Website: Faith Bible Institute