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Tuesday, Aug 20 3:00-8:00pm

Idea Night is a micro-event hosted by the Idea Day Network. 20-30 ministry leaders from the surrounding area will meet up at the host site for 2.5 hours of 2 roundtable discussions and quality time with other ministry leaders.

Roundtable Topics:

  • 6 Ideas on Longterm Spiritual Health (Josh Teis) (6:00)

  • 7 Ideas on Church Revitalization (Thom Rainer) (7:00)

* Dinner & childcare is provided



9am - Tee Time at the Bandit Golf course (cost $30)

2:30pm - Refreshments at Calvary (Snow Cone Truck)

3:00 - Interview: Ideas for being an organized & fruitful pastor (Lester Hutson)

4:00 - Roundtable discussion: Ideas for improving your online media presence (David Beatty & Ryan Turner)

5:00 - Roundtable discussion: DisciplePath: Ideas for becoming a disciple-making church (Scott McCoy)

6:00 - 6 Ideas for Longterm Spiritual Health (Josh Teis)

7:00 - 7 Ideas on Church Revitalization (Thom Rainer)


177 West Klein Road New Braunfels, Texas 78130

Lester Hutson

Lester Hutson

 Ideas for being an organized & fruitful Pastor (David Beatty/Lester Hutson)

Pastors have a heart to not just build sermons but grow people. We read countless Bible verses, digest books, and come across life experiences that would directly help people. The problem is that we find it difficult to organize and prioritize our schedule so that we can get on paper everything that is on our heart. In a society of mass communication and free platforms, pastors should be speaking to their people and community more than a few hours a week.

So how can pastors become disciplined content creators? Lester Hutson has published over 30 books and materials, blogs, and teaches across the country. In this helpful interview, pastors will be equipped with ideas on how to structure and organize their thoughts and schedule so they can become effective content creators.


Susan Quidley

Susan Quidley

For over 20 years, Susan has been an entrepreneur starting and running several successful businesses. She is Vice President of Accounting and HR for and is Vice President, Administration/Controller for SecureLogix Corporation. Being raised in a pastors home she has a burden to help churches. In 2007, she started QC Homes which transitioned into commercial building and remodeling. After building the new building for her home church she had a desire to help churches in planning, building, and renovating their property. Susan actively serves with her father and brother at McCauley Baptist Church in San Antonio.

Scott McCoy

Scott McCoy

Scott brings over 30 years of business development and executive-level coaching to church ministry. For the past six years, Scott has worked with ABWE to coach pastors to clarify and implement the Great Commission’s mandate of making disciples. Through the DisciplePath process, Scott partners with pastors and lay leaders to create a customized program that fuels a disciple-making culture within their church. He is currently writing a book that helps pastors build the right kind of culture within the local church. Scott also serves as a small group disciple-maker at his church in Austin.

Donna Edge

Donna Edge

As a CPA, Donna assists new business start-ups and churches in effectively managing their finances through QuickBooks. Donna also provides monthly services for payroll, bookkeeping and general accounting maintenance. She has over a decade of experience in helping businesses get established in QuickBooks. Donna is based in Houston and attends Lighthouse Baptist Church in Tomball, Texas.