Calvary Baptist Church and Calvary Baptist Academy are proud to run the Mr. W Fireworks Superstore in Seguin, TX! The superstore is open twice a year (from June 24th-July 4th & from December 20th-January 1st). We are able to receive 18% of the before-tax sales for running the store. We have been blessed to run the superstore for several seasons now and find it an awesome way to raise funds to better the church and school! Every season, we need lots of volunteers to help run the store (especially on the last few days of the season) as it gets extremely busy. You don't have to have any special skills or knowledge to volunteer (it's very easy to learn, and we'll teach you), and there are lots of different jobs so you can find something you love doing. If you choose to volunteer, be prepared to have lots of fun, to learn many interesting things, and to enjoy lots of good fellowship! If you would like to know more about the Mr. W Fireworks Superstore, contact Stephen Funes at (281) 838-2453.