A Conversation with my Grandson

What a joy I had yesterday morning talking to my oldest grandson, Joshua. He is 7 years old, was saved when he was 5 and I had the privilege of baptizing him earlier this year.

He came over to our house yesterday morning and wanted to ask me a question about the Bible. When I began to answer his question he went and got a chair and brought it over and sat down right beside me, looking up into my eyes and hanging on every word I said.

We spent a long time together just talking about the Lord and how exciting it was going to be to see the Lord face to face. Every time we talked about Heaven or the Jesus his little face just beamed!

He told me how he couldn’t wait to get to Heaven, but that he was very concerned about his little brother getting saved too. I explained how the Holy Spirit works to bring a person to Him and that he needed to continue to pray that when Ethan gets old enough to understand that he will get saved also.

He went on. He had more questions about Heaven. He told me the story about the conquest of Jericho. He also wanted to know about the Rapture of the church and “that one thousand years thing” (the Millennial reign of Christ). He continued reflecting on how important it is to live a life that honors the Lord and how he wanted to be the best Christian daddy and Papap that he could be. He wanted to be an example to his children and his grandchildren. This from a 7 year old!

I have had a bad couple of weeks this month. The side effects from the cancer treatment really had me in a deep valley physically. I had blisters on the bottoms of my feet and in my mouth, blood sugar completely out of whack, extreme fatigue, nausea etc.

Little Joshua will never know what a blessing he was to me in this exciting conversation with his old Papap, until he has the opportunity to have the same conversations with his own children and grandchildren.

I thank the Lord for all that He has done for me during this time of trial and for His allowing me to spend just a little more time with these incredibly special “little people” before I have the opportunity of seeing Him face to face. 

[Originally posted July 31, 2012 by David Beatty Sr.]