Why Story brand?

As ministry workers, we live so closely to our ministries that it can become difficult to clearly communicate our purpose. It's the problem of trying to read the label from inside the bottle. It causes conflicting messages to the church body, lack of clarity for the need or opportunity, and ultimately leads to general confusion and a disengaged congregation. There have been many times when we started and sustained purposeless ministries and wondered why volunteers were not inspired to serve. 

It doesn’t happen without us knowing. We are quite aware when we miss the mark. It’s frustrating when we put work and energy in casting the vision only to see it stillborn in the minds of the congregation, or worse, confusion and disengagement. 

If there is any place that should model clarity of purpose and leadership it’s the local church. We have a divine mandate, inspired job descriptions, and victory has been assured. 

Thankfully, what we experience is not new. There are plenty of churches and organizations that deal with this problem on a daily basis. 

In my searching for a model, I came across the StoryBrand framework. I’ve been looking for a model that would help us cut through the clutter and give us cerebral clarity and came across a framework called StoryBrand. StoryBrand helps businesses clarify themselves through compelling stories. Which is just what we need. 



Storybrand Framework




Calvary Baptist Church

Families are looking for a place that will clearly explain why they are here; a place that makes sense of what is going on in their life and a place to help them grow in their relationship with their Creator. 

You have three enemies: 1) The world, who is trying to force you to follow its philosophy of happiness, acceptance and meaning; 2) The flesh, which is self-serving, self-deceiving, and self-destructive; 3) The devil who ultimately orchestrates the powers of the world to deceive people from finding purpose.

It is "plain wrong" that Christians, or those seeking, can't find a succinct truth that helps them make sense of the world, but empowers them to help others make sense of the world.

We are all in the same boat -- we see the meaninglessness of the philosophy of our society, we've become disenchanted by the 'fools gold' and we are striving together to help others make sense of the senseless, and help people live a new life through Jesus Christ. "And so much the more as you see the day approaching."

We have educated teachers and preachers who can help you understand and make sense of the Bible, why you are here, and what purpose God has for you.

We have three unique learning environments for growth: 1) Sunday morning where we address the Bible in practical areas of our life through a lecture-style service; 2) Sunday evening is where others who are on the same journey as you ask and answer questions regarding the message they heard Sunday morning. Questions are given ahead of time and are designed to foster conversation and spur friendships. 3) Wednesday nights is reserved for the curious learner who is wanting to get deeper questions answered as we address head-on the complicated philosophical questions of God, the Bible, and the meaning of life.


We won't pressure you into make a decision. We believe that the first step is hearing the Word of God. He then begins working in your heart confirming the things that you read and hear are true. The end result is the faith you need to become a child of God. 


Visit and experience the church for yourself. Watch a service online. Read about how our church makes a difference.



You will find a place of belonging with likeminded people, inspirational preaching and teaching that will give you confidence in your faith and peace of mind, and a desire to grow more like Christ. The Bible says that the person who seeks will find. And he will give you the desires of your heart.


Attending a church that isn't answering your questions, but provides a nostalgic environment that gives you peace of mind. You might mistake the peace of mind found in nostalgia with the peace of mind that comes through clarity of the Gospel.


Guest Services

Character: First time guest that is unfamiliar with our campus, people, and our processes and unsure of what to expect
Need: Welcomed, accepted, and at ease
     E- Fear of the unknown
     I- Apprehension/Nervousness of where to go, who to talk to, what to do
     P- The guest should feel right at home
Guide: We have also visited new churches before and know what that feels like
Authority: Host/Hostess is expert in answering questions
Plan: Park, greeting by host/hostess, guide to right location, help family get into appropriate age groups, show where refreshments are located, and help  aid in seat location
Call to Action: We feel like we can meet your needs, Please come visit
Transitional Call to Action: (Future) Click here to schedule the visit
Result: Life changing experience

New Member Onboarding

Character: Christian who desires to identify with the church family, engage and support the ministries of the church, and agree to mutual accountability
Need: I want to be called to greater service and accomplish something greater than what can be done alone.
E - I do not have a church I can identify with nor a place where I can express my spiritual gifts or calling.
I -  I want to found a place where I am accepted and accountable to a family and have a longing to be a "doer" of the word and enabled to express my unique spiritual gifts by service in my local church and to the world
P - Every Christian should belong to a long church from which they can serve and to which they can be accountable. 
Guide: We have all had the desire to belong and to be enabled to serve Christ through the local church love to serve.
Authority: You will be joining a family of over 150 Christians who are expressing the love of Christ in our Church family, local community and throughout the world.
Call to Action: Profession of Faith, Baptized in likeminded church, and Pastor Q&A, and congregational vote.
Transactional Call to Action: N/A
Result: Member joins

The Bible says, "and so much the more as you see the day approaching." And we are to be exhorting one another and working the work of the ministry. 

Volunteer Management

Character: The Member who is ready to engage in active service and support the ministries of the church
Need: I want to catch the vision of how to effectively minister in my church.
     E - I’m not volunteering because I'm unsure how to relate with my fellow volunteers
     I -  I don’t feel like I belong. (outsider, unmotivated, perceived not on the team) I’m hesitant about volunteering because I'm unsure how to relate with my fellow volunteers
     P - I should be able to use my spiritual gifts effectively with church activities and participate in teams
Guide: We have all experienced moments where as a new team member to a team that we felt as if we did not know how to relate to fellow teammates
Authority: You will be joining members that are also seeking to emulate the core values of the church family outlined in the provided training. As a result of this training you will be prepared to volunteer successfully with other team members
Call to Action: Sign up for specific team, Watch video to understand responsibilities, communicate with team leader
Transactional Call to Action: N/A
Result: Team members feel like they are set up for success, unified expectation.

Ladies who are looking for a monthly "night out"

Every lady needs to get away to recharge; something to look forward to each month.

Gives a plan: Click on the 'Going' button below to reserve your space. 2) Share this post with another lady that needs refreshed; 3) come for a night of encouragement.



Ladies Refresher





Christians desire to financially support missionaries but many times find it difficult to discover the needs of those who are in need. Unfortunately, the only way to give to a special need, sometimes is by physically giving in the church. At Calvary, we desire to support all our missionaries, but also to empower our church members to financially support the Great Commission by giving them an opportunity to connect their desire to give with the real needs on the mission field. 

Through this portal, you can be assured that 100% of the money given is sent directly to our missionaries. And, if you designate a desire to support a specific missionary, we will ensure they get 100% of your offering.